Juki TNU-243 type heavy weight industrial sewing machine

Juki TNU-243 type heavy weight industrial sewing machine

 Flat bed leather sewing machines are found in custom leather shops and leather goods manufacturing plants around the world. These machines are used to sew flat pieces together, or to sew lining layers onto the back of leather belts and straps. Flat bed machines give better control when sewing large bulky panels, or broad straps. 

The CowBoy (HIGHTEX) #7243 leather sewing machine is capable of sewing up to 7/8" of hard temper leather, man-made leather substitutes (like "BioThane®"), heavy nylon webbing, Kydex, and even nylon or plywood lined items, with up to #415 bonded nylon or polyester thread. This sewing machine is exactly interchangeable with Juki TNU-243 and similar to Seiko TH-8B. 

The #7243 is based on the design of the "JUKI TSC-441" type machines. It has compound, triple feed, with smooth presser feet and feed dog (no teeth). The pressure spring is very strong and can easily hold down a full load of 7/8 inch of hard leather. 

The #7243 has a bed length of 16.5 inches, inside the body, making it ideal for sewing large items, including large, Western style gun holsters, before they are shaped. It would also be a great machine for sewing briefcase panels together, with leather over plywood. This machine can also be used to sew auto upholstery in thicknesses that standard walking foot machines cannot handle. 

 Every new #7243 purchase comes complete with a powerful motor and a 3:1 speed reducer pulley, mounted under a thick wooden table, which is bolted onto a heavy duty k-legs steel frame. The speed reducer system provides tremendous punching power at very slow speeds. If you need to sew material that is not flat, or which has raised portions close to the edges, such as gun holsters, knife sheaths, handcuff pouches, ammo cases, saddle bags, etc, please check out our COWBOY cylinder arm sewing machines. These cylinder arm heavy leather sewing machines are available, like #7441(similar to JUKI TSC-441 and Seiko CH-8B) and #7205 (same to Durkopp Adler 205-370). All two of these large stitchers have compound, triple feed, with high lift and are capable of sewing up to 7/8 inches of leather, with a size 415 thread handling capacity. 

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Juki TNU-243 type slings sewing machine