7461-37 Super long arm cylinder bed sewing machine for golf bag

COWBOY # 7461-37 Single Needle, Super Long Arm 37.5" Cylinder Bed, Needle Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machine + Pedestal Stand & Motor (Same to Juki TSC-461) is capable of powerfully feeding the materials which cannot be smoothly fed by conventional machines. ( It is equipped with a free space under the arm as wide as 950mm, which means that the machine is capable of sewing large materials, long-sized materials and tubular sewn products with ease. The lift of the presser foot is high as 23mm, which is sufficient to sew extra heavy materials. The machine is equipped with a built-in type bobbin winder which the operator can reach during sewing. The long arm golf bag sewing machine comes with a large shuttle hook (204 type) and large bobbin which have been exclusively designed for sewing extra heavy materials and extremely thick threads: these reduce the frequency of bobbin replacement. Thereby leading to higher efficiency in sewing extra heavy materials using thick threads. When compared with the conventional 45K bobbin, the amount of thread wound around the newly developed large bobbin is increased by 50%. The walking foot action is fully driven and combines with the bottom feed and needle bar feed to produce a positive feeding motion for extra heavy use Applications: golf bags, luggage, filter bags, carrying bags, fishing bag, boots, industrial safety products, tents, awnings, tripod case, punching bags, boxing bags, sails, parachutes, umbrellas, cushions, transportation equipment & sporting goods.
Specifications: Max. Sewing speed: 800rpm Max. Stitch length: 11mm (normal/reverse feed) Needle bar stroke: 56mm Lift of the presser foot: By hand: 12mm, By pedal: 20mm Reverse feed stitching method: By lever Thread take-up: Cam type thread take-up Alternating vertical movement: 4 8mm Hook: Large capacity shuttle hook Needle (at the time of delivery): 794 (Nm230) Nm=130 Nm280 Thread #8 #0. 892 8277, Nm=30/3 8/3 Lubrication: By an oiler Bobbin winder: Built on the machine arm Top-feed method: Interlocked with the bottom feed mechanism Distance from needle to machine arm: 950mm Extra Heavy Duty 37 inch Long Cylinder- Bed Compound Needle Feed Walking Foot Stitching Machine for Leather, Webbing, Canvas, Filters and any Heavy Fabrics from about 1/16” up to 7/8” thick with an adjustable stitch length lever and reverse feed for back-tacking.