Adler 104 heavy duty barrel-shuttle flat bed sewing machine

Adler 104 series sewing machines ( have been specially designed for processing heavy materials as used, in particular, in the leather goods and footwear industries, and in the manufacture of tarpaulins, tents, sails and protective clothing as well as in auto trim shops. They form part of the standard equipment of such establishments. 
 Adler 104-2 bottom feed, barrel shuttle, cam thread tape-up lever, stationary rigid presser foot, automatic thread tension release, reversible feed, max. stitch length 10mm, ideal for single-needle coarse stitch and decorative seams in medium heavy to heavy travelling cases and brief cases, suitcases and leather coverings, for edging carpets, for sewing tarpaulins, tents, and sails, worker’s aprons and gloves. The use of a cam thread take-up lever in conjunction with the barrel shuttle hook, provides excellent thread tightening permitting a uniform stitch even in case of 18/6 ply linen twist. 
 Adler 104-VN2, bottom feed, barrel shuttle, two needles offset behind one another standard seam spacing 1mm, standard stitch length 6mm, cam thread take-up lever, stationary rigid presser foot, automatic thread tension release, reversible feed, designed for two needle decorative seams with offset stitches for the leatherware industry. Braided threads up to 1 mm in diameter can be used. 
 Adler 104-VN 2 S, similar to Adler 104-VN 2, but with hinged roller foot mounted in ball bearings, specially for footwear industry. 
 Adler 104-FA 2S is a heavy duty single needle flat bed swing machine for decorative seams with heavy thread on light to medium weight open uppers. 
Adler 104-102 heavy duty barrel shuttle double needle sewing machine for sewing wide, hard-wearing cord-reinforced beading on shoes, sports bags, brief cases, luggage cases, carrying straps (by altering the clearance between the needles, the width of the beading or piping can be varied to requirements between 5 and 10mm). Fitted with the single needle holder, this machine can also used for sewing thick leather or sewing single needle coarse stitch seam. In order to get an upstanding enough beading, the leather must not be too stiff. 
Adler 104-103, with 3 needles, for 3-needle coarse decorative seams on the footwear and leatherware, e.g. for stitching vamps, travel bags, handbags. Can be used with one or two needles also. 
Adler 104-4102 S cording machine for the footwear trades for the manufacture of so-called “Italian moccasins” with upstanding and prominent beading effect (no cord reinforcement, width 4, 5.5 or 7mm) either with or without incising; 
Adler 104-4102 S is for the sewing of single needle coarse stitch seams on sport shoes, by the leatherware trades for the sewing of narrow beading on hold alls, handbags, brief cases, underarm cases and suitcases. Narrow beading can only by produced in leather soft enough for this purpose. 
Adler 104 WS-102 S, heavy duty two needle honeycomb ornamental sewing machine, with barrel shuttle. This Ornamental Honeycomb Stitching machine is equipped with 2 needles, bottom feed, transverse barrel shuttle hook, double roller foot with needle guide, exchangeable needle clamp, throat plate with beading finger and thread crossing device for honeycomb stitch; forward sewing only. 
Adler 104 WS-102 S is designed for ornamental seams contribute a special feature to the fashionable shoes and leather sports articles. The sewing machine for ornamental honeycomb stitching of offers an enrichment in regard to seam design which corresponds to the present trend in fashion. 
Adler 104-64 is heavy duty needle feed flat bed sewing machine with barrel shuttle hook. For medium heavy to heavy full skins and splits, e.g. for tool bags, trucks, suitcase, etc. This machine is eminently suitable for sewing heavy awning, tents and tarpaulins and also for stitching and binding carpet made of sisal or coconut fibre.