7516A Cylinder bed zigzag Industrial sewing Machine

COWBOY #7516A Walking foot cylinder bed zigzag industrial sewing machine for sewing medium to heavy weight materials

 Most standard industrial zigzag machines are designed to sew light weight garment fabrics, but with the #7516H cylinder bed zigzag swing machine you can now sew materials like canvas, leather, plastic, synthetic rubbers + other medium & medium heavy materials. 

The versatile narrow cylinder free-arm design guarantees improved material handling on three-dimensional items like: medical device, bags, gloves, luggage, shoes, straps, filters and other such items which can not be sewn on a standard flat bed machine. 

A large Zigzag width of up-to 10mm and a stitch length of up-to 5mm combining together to give nice decorative or functional stitching on a wide range of applications. 

The hook containing the lower bobbin is twice the normal size; resulting in less bobbin changes and when combined with the vertical take up lever system, it is of particular use when using thicker than normal threads. This cylinder bed zigzag sewing machine employs a parallel vertical needle bar motion for stronger striking power and a semi-automatic lubrication system which improves the service life. Its powerful and steady top & bottom feeding action enables you to sew multiple ply of medium to heavy weight material with a true and even stitch. The longer system 134-35 needles are used with this machine: including the medium weight size 100, right up-to the heavy weight size 140. A wide range of sewing threads can be used, with this model being able to sew with up-to size 20* synthetic thread (or size 30* cotton thread) + V69, V92 & V138* heavy duty threads etc. 

This heavy duty cylinder bed zigzag sewing machine suited to sewing for example medical device, leather goods, sports shoes, footwear, industrial safety products, environment filter, caps, gloves, sails, tents, sofa, Neoprene diving suit, surfing suit, sports equipments and other cylindrical products. Cylinder bed zigzag sewing machine for sewing medical device Cylinder bed zigzag sewing machine for sewing medical apparatus