Coupon, Save on your Industrial Sewing Machines


 Save on your Industrial Sewing Machines

A clear picture of HIGHTEX machine from your workshop
$5 Off Any Purchase of $100 or More!

A HD video of HIGHTEX machine from your workshop
$100 Off Any Purchase of $2000 or More!

Couponing Rules.

1, HIGHTEX brand must be clear in the pictures or videos you provided;
2, Pictures and videos must contain material you are sewing and the background of your workshop (exclude your company name or your brand information, if you do not like to share your company information on internet);
3, Max quantity of picture for each machine is 2 (from shooting angles);
4, The video must be HD (high definition), so we suggest to use professional video camera;
5, Bad shake in video is not acceptable, so we suggest to us camera stand or simple support (to avoid tremble);
6, Successful Sewing operation (no mistake) in the video;
7, The video time should over 2 minutes;
8, The coupon is payable from second order of sewing machines and parts;
9, After paying, we will have permanent right to publish these pictures and videos on internet or our catalogue;
10, Cowboy Sewing Equipment Co. reserves the right to interpret the Couponing Rules.